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• History, Religion, Geo-politics.

• Photos, maps, videos, and live presentations.

• Question + answer session after every tour.

• Interact with the guide.

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Introduction to Israel & Palestine online tour
• Every Saturday •
Have they really been fighting for two thousand years?
Find out the real story behind the 'conflict'.
Tour the history, the religions, the people and the country with a local expert.
Gaza online tour
• Every Friday & Sunday •
Two million people are stuck in a tiny area blockaded by Israel.
• Life under siege.
• What's it really like?
• What if tourists could enter?
• Is there any hope for the future?
online tour

• Every Thursday, Saturday & Sunday • 
The most interesting city in the world. Explore the complex political geography, the city's religious history and the impact of the ongoing Israeli Occupation on the Palestinian population.
Jaffa online tour
• Every Thursday •
Jaffa and Tel Aviv, the old and the new.
Symbols of catastrophe and rebirth for the Palestinian and Israeli people respectively.
Jordan Valley online tour
• Every Sunday & Monday •
A crucially important strategic and agricultural area at the edge of the desert, the Jordan Valley has been in the news a lot recently as Israel talks of annexation. What is it all about?
Banksy Bethlehem online tour
• Every Monday & Friday •
Religion, refugees and graffiti.
Birth place of Christ 2000 years ago, Bethlehem is now home to political street art works by many famous artists including British superstar, Banksy.
Online Palestinian cooking classes
• Every second and fourth Saturday of the month •
Learn how to make famous Palestinian dishes with the ladies of the Noorweg Cooking School in the Aida Refugee Camp. Cook in real time and ask the chefs questions, or just watch and make it later!

Meet the Orthodox Jews
online tour
• Every 1st Tuesday & 2nd Wednesday of the month•
Dispel some myths you may have about this often misunderstood group of people. Discuss their role in Israeli society, the customs, traditions, beliefs and more.

Christians of the Holy Land tour
• Every 3rd Tuesday & 4th Wednesday of the month •
This Christmas, join us to hear about daily life in the Christian Quarter from an Armenian-Palestinian geopolitical tour guide.