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• Tour from the comfort of your own home!

• History, Religion, Geo-politics.

• Photos, maps, videos, and live presentations.

• Question + answer session after every tour.

• Interact with the guide.

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Online Palestinian cooking classes

Women from the Aida Refugee Camp founded Noorweg Cooking Classes to teach Palestinian cuisine to travellers from around the world. To combat the pandemic they have adapted their courses for us online so even though you cannot travel to Palestine you now how the chance to bring the flavours of the Middle East to your kitchen!

Classes starting at 11.00/11am (Bethlehem time):
9 January, 6 February, 6 March, 3 April, 1 May
22.00/10pm Auckland | 20.00/8pm Sydney | 17.00/5pm Hong Kong/Singapore | 10.00/10am Berlin | 09.00/9am London

Classes starting at 18.00/6pm (Bethlehem time):
23 January, 20 February, 20 March, 17 April, 15 March
17.00/5pm Berlin | 16.00/4pm London | 11.00/11am New York | 10.00/10am Minneapolis | 09.00/9am Denver | 08.00/8am Los Angeles

Click the session you would like to join to be sent registration information, the menu and ingredients for each session.

Total time: 70-90 minute

Free to join, pay only what you felt the class was worth at the end.

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Private classes also available
Contact us for details