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Green Olive refund policy - corona virus

Unfortunately, many of you have been unable to join the tours you reserved with us due to flight cancellations and other restrictions caused by the outbreak of COVID19 ('the corona virus').

We are closely following the professionally mandated advice, primarily from the Israeli Ministry of Health. This does mean some of you won't be able to join us for tours, but what does that mean for any money you have already paid?

As per sections 25 and 26 of Green Olive's terms and conditions;

"Green Olive Tours does not accept any liability arising out of changes to itineraries, cancellations, or any other matters relating to any tour, due to factors outside its control. These factors include wars, strikes, weather, political disputes, border closures, delayed flights, etc. Any expenses incurred by the client arising out of these changes are for their own account.

In the event that a tour is cancelled due to the aforementioned factors, Green Olive Tours will make a good faith effort to calculate the expenses incurred up to the point of cancellation, and issue a pro rated refund. Such refunds are at the sole discretion of Green Olive Tours. No further liability by Green Olive Tours to the client with regard to such cancellations will arise."

1. First consider postponing your tour, or having us hold any money paid as credit for future tours. We can use anything you have paid for any future tours for up to 2 years and bookings can also be transferred to another name.

2. If due to corona virus you were forced into quarantine, your flight was cancelled, or access was restricted to significant areas that were to be visited on your tour,  we have decided to issue refunds on a week-by-week basis. This means that we will issue refunds for all effected tours 7 days before they take place.

i.e. if your flight next month has been cancelled, but your tour is not until the April the 7th, we will refund you on April the 1st (assuming the flight is still cancelled).

3. If you make an independent decision to cancel, then there will be a cancellation fee equal to the amount of your deposit, and a pro rated refund on the balance.

On March 9, the Israeli Ministry of Health decided not to allow any foreigners to travel here. This will last at least until March 28, and for those who cannot postpone their trips we will follow the same refund policy as above for people in this situation.

For those who are here, remember that there have only been a handful of cases in Israel-Palestine, none of which have resulted in deaths. We still have tours running, like our new West Bank Wrap Up tour which visits rural Palestinian areas. In the meantime, keep hygienic, remember to look both ways when you cross the road (you're still many times more likely to be hit by a car than to catch corona virus!) and enjoy your trip.