Itamar Shapira

Itamar grew up in a Zionist family near Tel Aviv, and went eagerly to serve in the Israeli Forces after high school.  Facing the reality in the occupied Palestinian territories during 2nd Intifada, he decided to refuse to serve in the IDF and became a co-founder of Combatants For Peace. Itamar was also the Israeli coordinator of the movement, and continues to be involved with human rights groups include Breaking the Silence, Taayush, ICAHD and others.

Itamar worked in Yad Vashem, the Jerusalem Holocaust Museum, as a tour guide of the museum for three and a half years. He was sacked for discussing the Nakba (1948 expulsion of Palestinians) and its impact on Israeli remembrance of the Holocaust. National narratives and self-justifications of collectives and individuals are Itamar's passionate interest in addition to history, politics and social change.

Itamar has been living in Jerusalem in the last 6 years. and works as a tour guide in Israel-Palestine. He is fluent in Hebrew, English and Spanish, and is a Flamenco guitarist.