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Christians of the Holy Land


Thousands of Christian pilgrims visit the Holy Land, but many don't get to know its Christian people. You may think you have missed this special Christmas tour, but did you know that Armenian Christmas in Jerusalem isn't until January 18? Join us for an online tour and presentation which will allow you to get to know the Christians of the Holy Land.

This tour covers it all; from sites of significant Christian history like Jerusalem and the baptismal site in the River Jordan, to thriving Israeli and Palestinian communities here for hundreds of years, and even new Christian groups who have made their homes here more recently. Your main host is an Armenian-Palestinian Christian, and speaking with him will give you a great insight to the daily life of a resident of the Christian Quarter of the Old City.

A live guide will present an immersive look at the topic, using video, 3D pictures, maps, and more, to make you really feel like you're visiting the places being discussed, and help you understand complex topics in new ways. 

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Total time: 90 minutes (including question and answer session)

Free to join, pay only what you felt the tour was worth at the end.

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