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Jaffa - Tel Aviv online tour

Photo: Danny Rasmussen
Jaffa is arguably the world's oldest port city and by the early 20th century had grown to become the cultural capital of Palestine. Now though it is overshadowed by neighbouring Tel Aviv - the symbol of Israel's start-up nation and the non-stop city. What is Jaffa like today, and who lives there? And what of the attempts at Arab-Jewish coexistence here?

A live guide will present an immersive look at the topic, using video, 3D pictures, maps, and more, to make you really feel like you're visiting the places being discussed, and help you understand complex topics in new ways. 

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Total time: 90 minutes (including question and answer session)

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Note: join on February 4 ONLY to also discuss education in Jaffa with Noa from the bi-national Hand in Hand School

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