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• History, Religion, Geo-politics.

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• Interact with the guide.

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Green Olive Tours

Green Olive Tours was the brainchild of social entrepreneur Fred Schlomka, a veteran political activist in Israel and Palestine, and a businessman with a long track record of unique enterprises designed to address social and political issues. The company has created a wide variety of tours aimed at independent travelers who are seeking to get 'off the beaten track' and have a desire to explore the culture and politics of Historic Palestine and the state of Israel.

The primary mission of Green Olive Tours is to educate travelers, and provide unique tours that expose them to a wide variety of local people and cultural mores. Religious and historical sites are also seen, in addition to visits to refugee camps, Palestinian villages, and Israeli West Bank Settlements.

Cultural and social exchange are also an important part of the tours. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the people they meet, ask probing questions, and develop an understanding of Palestinian and Israeli society. Through such interaction, local people are also able to develop a better understanding of the visitors' countries of origin. Home stays are also offered in Palestinian villages and towns.

During the tours, the guides provide ongoing commentary, interpretation, and critical analysis of the situation on the ground. The 'icons' of the Israeli Occupation are examined: The Separation Barrier, checkpoints, segregated roads, settlements, and walled Palestinian ghettos.

Green Olive Tours partners with many Palestinian organizations and business, ensuring that a substantial portion of the income from the tours flows into the Palestinian economy which has declined over the past decade. Visitors are also encouraged to do their shopping in cooperatives, fair trade outlets, and small businesses in Palestinian areas.