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Hope Flowers Guest House

Bed & Breakfast
Single room: Shekels NIS 180
Double room
: Shekels NIS 235

Lunch & dinner: Shekels NIS 40 per meal

The guesthouse is situated on the third floor of the Hope Flowers School, with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

All single and double rooms have en suite facilities and the location is just a ten-minute walk from Solomon's Pools which are surrounded by a wooded area convenient for relaxing or a picnic.

The staff will make your visit comfortable and they are full of knowledge and information about the surrounding area.

The guesthouse is easily accessible by car or taxi,  just a few minutes drive off route 60, the main road south from Jerusalem. It can also be reached by taxi or bus from downtown Bethlehem. Transportation can be arranged in order for you to join the scheduled tours, or use the location to go off exploring on your own.

The school was founded in Bethlehem in 1984 by the late Hussein Issa, a former Palestinian refugee, social visionary and educator. Hope Flowers is now run by members of his family and a dedicated team of teachers, staff and volunteers.

It has over 250 students aged 4-13. This has reduced since 1999, when it had 500 students aged 4-16, mainly due to difficult economic conditions during the intifada and Israeli re-occupation, and it is now increasing again annually.

Hope Flowers is an independent school with no state or institutional backing, supported by modest school fees, the guest house, local initiatives such as sales from the school mini-farm, and the generosity of people, trusts and institutions worldwide. It runs a scholarships fund for poorer students in need.

The school's guiding principles, its high educational standards and our response to the pressures arising from the acute situation in Palestine make Hope Flowers a leader in the field of peace-building and democratic education worldwide.

Children are given a progressive education based on Montessori methods and the Palestinian Authority curriculum, with an added intercultural, interfaith, conflict-resolution with a democratic emphasis, and extra-curricular programs.

The school runs trauma-recovery programs for children and their families ('Listen to My Voice') and community programs. This is a key element in Hope Flowers' approach to peace and democracy education, and as far as we know it is unique worldwide.

On the fourth floor of the Hope Flowers School are the Hussein Dialogue Conference Facilities. Two facilities are available, one suitable for up to 200 participants and one suitable for up to 30 participants. Both of these facilities are spacious, well ventilated and with good lighting. For more information on the conference facilities please contact the administrator.