First Birthright - Then the real tour

So you are still interested.

Think for a moment why you want to come to Israel. It might be just for the free trip. You may want to explore your Jewish identity and Zionism. This country has become a giant Jewish theme park and you are welcome to take a look. But there's much more here than meets the eye.

Your Birthright tour will be carefully crafted to funnel you into a Jewish/Zionist/Israeli Ethos. But what of the 'other', the millions of Palestinian Muslims and Christians who live here who are outside that ethos, who are under Occupation. It is possible to spend time here and never talk to an Arab, never learn about their narrative, their pain, and their aspirations! Is that what you want?

Are you ready to learn about the impact of the Separation barrier on Palestinian lives? Do you want to visit a refugee camp and talk with the residents. Do you want to visit Muslim Hebron and learn see first hand the impact of the Jewish settlers there? Do you want to learn, or just have a free trip? is here to assist you in making a decision that could change your life.