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Fred Schlomka - Managing Partner - CEO
Fred founded Green Olive Tours in 2007 and has overseen the steady growth of the company ever since. In addition to being responsible for the overall administration he manages the website, internet marketing and guides the occasional tour.

Fred as been involved professionally with Israeli/Palestinian relationships for fifteen years. In addition to managing the 
Green Olive Collective he is active in the Israeli peace movement, is an avid cyclist and a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. Fred was awarded a Social Entrepreneur Fellowship from the Echoing Green Foundation in New York for his work in advancing relationships between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. He has lectured on Israeli/Palestinian issues in Europe and the USA, and his articles have been published widely 

Jehanne Elabed
- Partner & VP-Operations
Jehanne is a Partner in the Green Olive Collective, and manages all the day-to-day operations of Green Olive Tours. She is often the first point of contact for clients, quoting fees for tours, scheduling the drivers and guides, and overseeing the logistics.

Prior to joining the Collective, Jehanne managed Murad Tours with her husband Yamen, who is also a guide at Green Olive Tours. Both of them bring many years of experience in tourism to Green Olive Tours, and continue to work together as a team.  Jehanne was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where she studied Education, Psychology, and Accounting.  She has two children, and lives most of the year in a suburb of Bethlehem, spending summers with her extended family in Canada.

Alexander Dunbar Jones
- VP-Administration
Alex was appointed Green Olive's Vice-president in 2018 with the mission to help elevate the organisation to new heights in its second decade. He comes with impressive qualifications, drive and energy.

Born in New Zealand and armed with a postgrad history degree and high school French, Alex began tour guiding in Paris in 2009 and has managed two tour companies. He has led groups around the Sagrada Familia in Spain, to erupting New Zealand volcanos, through the canals of Bruges in Belgium, and among the gardens of the Palace of Versailles in France. Alex also helped create Barcelona's first alternative tour focusing on its anarchist political history.

In 2018 Alex attended Tel Aviv University and completed a Masters Degree in Public Policy, Conflict Resolution and Mediation. Although neither Arab, Jewish, Palestinian, Israeli nor Muslim, he finds this region the most fascinating on the planet and now lives here with his partner. Alex is a volunteer researcher with Amnesty International and a keen cyclist.

Ismael Hedra
- Partner - Transport Manager
Ismael takes care of the complex transport needs of the Collective, often juggling up to ten tours a day. He selects and trains independent drivers to take care of Green Olive Guests. They are often the first point of contact with the organisation so their language skills and safe driving ability are critical.

In addition to managing the transport, Ismael is the liaison with Jerusalem area hotels, building relationships with concierges and receptionists, dropping off flyers, and helping steer more clients to Green Olive Tours. Ismael lives with his family on the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem.
Read Ismael's full profile.

Zohar - Partner & Senior Guide
After working as a freelance guide for many years, Yahav joined the staff of Green Olive Tours in the Spring of 2011 and became a Partner shortly after. He continues to be the tour leader for many tours, develops new itineraries, has translated the entire Green Olive Tours Spanish website, and is active in developing new markets.

Yahav was born in Jerusalem and has lived in the city all his life. He has been a journalist, a translator, a political activist and a spokesperson for human rights and a sustainable political solution in Israel-Palestine. He currently works as a guide through out Israel, combining historical and religious knowledge  with a firm grasp of the political situation, gained through years of involvement with Combatants For Peace, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and other peace and human rights initiatives.

Yamen Elabed - Partner & Tour Guide Manager
Yamen is a Green Olive Partner and has been guiding visitors to Palestine since 2009. He quickly gravitated to ‘alternative tours’ and soon began working for Green Olive Tours. Yamen has studied at The Tourism Research Institute-Palestine and has been involved with many Organizations and Programs in Bethlehem, bringing together Foreign visitors, Israelis and Palestinians who are trying to make a difference

Born in Beit Sahour Palestine, Yamen lived several years in Canada, but eventually returned home with his wife and children to be with his family. He has organised the Gift4Giving Program which collects funds to purchase toys and clothes for distribution to Palestinian Refugees. As a strong believer in peace, he believes that one person’s voice or action can make a difference!
Read Yamen's full profile.

Yaniv Mazor - Partner & Tour Guide
Yaniv is a Green Olive Partner and has worked as a Park Ranger at the En Gedi Nature Reserve at the Dead Sea, and at the Tel Aviv airport conducting security screenings on commercial shipments. He served as a tank commander in the IDF during the second Intifada.

Yaniv came to realise that his former 'patriotism' was a product of Israel's militarised society and education system, and in 2012 was imprisoned for 20 days for refusing to serve in the military reserves. He is involved as an activist and can often be found at joint Israeli/Palestinian activities in the southern West Bank.

Rotem Mor - Partner & Tour Guide
Rotem Mor declared his refusal to serve in the army after a year and a half of service, a decision for which he spent time in prison. He then led seminars for youth contemplating their army service, guiding groups of young Israeli conscientious objectors, organizing an alternative summer camp for youth and delegations of young objectors to France and the U.S. He has also been an active member of the movement against the Separation Barrier, taking part in joint protests with a focus on his hometown of Mevaseret Zion (near Jerusalem) where he took part in organizing joint resistance to the wall together with the neighboring Palestinian villagers.  Rotem is currently a student of Middle Eastern classical music at the Center for Middle Eastern Music in Jerusalem where he is also running a project to promote Middle Eastern culture in Israeli society.

Itamar Shapira - Partner & Tour Guide
After joining the Israeli Defence Forces, Itamar subsequently refused  to serve in the military and became a co-founder of Combatants For Peace. He is also involved with other human rights groups include Breaking the Silence, Taayush, ICAHD and others.

Itamar worked in the Jerusalem Holocaust Museum as a tour guide until he was sacked for discussing the Nakba (1948 expulsion of Palestinians) and its impact on Israeli remembrance of the Holocaust. National narratives and self-justifications of collectives and individuals are Itamar's passionate interest in addition to history, politics and social change. Itamar has been living in Jerusalem in the last 6 years, and is fluent in Hebrew, English and Spanish, and is a Flamenco guitarist. Learn more about Itamar

Khalil Alamour - Tour Leader
Khalil is a Bedouin Israeli who lives in the unrecognized village of Alsyra. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Education,  a Master's Degree in Educational Administration, is a fully qualified lawyer and admitted to the Israeli Bar. Now a retired teacher and full-time lawyer, he is also a member of his village's local council, and has helped to initiate several local initiatives such as procuring a daycare for the village and afterschool programs for youth. He speaks Arabic, Hebrew, English, and limited Spanish.

Khalil leads groups in the Negev and uses his extensive experience and knowledge to help visitors understand the situation of the Bedouin in their battle for equal rights within the Israeli state. 

Eldad Brin - Tour Guide
Eldad has an M.A. in geography and urban and regional studies from Hebrew University and is a licensed tour guide. He was born and raised in Jerusalem and specializes in guiding the Greater Jerusalem Tour and walking tours of the Old City. His passion is the post-1967 'geopolitics' of the area and has written extensively on the subject. Most notably his 2006 paper, 'Politically Oriented Tourism in Jerusalem' published by Sage in the academic journal, Tourist Studies. Eldad's tours of Jerusalem provide a comprehensive overview of the contradictions inherent between the slogan, 'an Undivided Jerusalem', and the 8-meter high wall that slices through Palestinian neighborhoods and the segregated roads around the perimeter of the city. Eldad has also given presentations on the situation is Jerusalem. Learn more about Eldad

Karin ReingewertzKarin Reingewertz

Karin Reingewertz is a tour guide and a social activist. Karin completed her BA in History of the Jewish people and Middle East Studies at Haifa University. During that period, she was involved in international multicultural-peace projects in Israel, Europe and Africa, and among other things served as Shlicha of "Hashomer Hatzair" in Milano. In her work as a tour guide, Karin specializes in the cultural and geopolitical aspects of the region. Karin currently lives in Kibbutz Nachshonim with her partner and son.