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Directions - Yad Lebanin - Ra'anana

* Yad Lebanim is the central civic center in Ra'anana located on Ahuza Street, the main street of the town.
Arriving by bus
All buses to Ra'anana stop at Yad Lebanim. Just ask the bus driver if you are not sure where to get off.

Arriving by car
From Route 4 turn into Ra'anana at the South Intersection. This is Ahuza Street. Drive straight and keep going about 500 meters when the road turns steeply downhill. Stay in the left lane. At the bottom of the hill you'll see a big Plaza and a large public building at the back. That's Yad Lebanim. Turn left just before the plaza on Ben Gurion Street and you'll find some parking. The bus will meet the group on Ben Gurion Street, just next to the plaza.

If you arrive from the West side of town (direction Hertzliya), you'll be coming in from Jerusalem street. Turn right on Ahuza and drive about one kilometer till you see the big plaza on your right. that's Yad Lebanim. Turn right just after the plaza on Ben Gurion Street and park.