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Religions of Abraham

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An encounter with the Abrahamic Faiths of Jerusalem:
Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

religions of abraham
This experience will bring you closer in understanding of the three great monotheistic religions that share Jerusalem as a holy city. This is NOT an advocacy or proselytizing tour. You will be offered the opportunity to meet a Muslim Imam or sheikh, a Jewish rabbi, and a Christian priest or pastor. Each cleric or mystic will share their understanding of their faith in a their own fashion.

This is your chance to expand your understanding of the religions of Jerusalem. Have you ever wondered exactly what 'Kosher' means? Do you want to know what the difference is between the Coptic Christians and the Orthodox Christians? Do you want to understand what is meant by 'Sharia Law'? Now's your chance

Each week the tour will be unique. You will meet rabbis from liberal to ultra-Orthodox, leaders of the one the Christian churches,  Sufis or mainstream Muslim Imams, including women teachers, in the context of their own community.

The tour is led by Eliyahu McLean, Director of Jerusalem Peacemakers, an organization that has worked tirelessly for many years to foster understanding and dialog between Israelis and Palestinians, and the religious leaders of all faiths in Jerusalem.