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Masada Sunrise Harp Concert & Tour

oldCoinFriday, 14th October
Departs: 3am • Return: 2pm (14.00)
Cost: Shekels NIS 455
Includes: • Masada entrance fee • cable car descent • Breakfast with harp music • Professional guide • Dead Sea • En Gedi
Lunch not included
from Jerusalem:YMCA, King David Street - see map
from Tel Aviv: Arlozorov Station - see map - (Sixt Car Rental near station entrance)
 bring water, hat, swim gear.

Option for Israelis - Only 95 shekels (not including Masada entrance fee): Come with your own car. Meet the group at Masada. Stay for Sunrise, breakfast, the harp performance, and the tour of the mountaintop.

'Morning Improvisations' in Celtic and jazz styles.

Park Sitckney Sunita Staneslow

This is an opportunity not to be missed. In cooperation with the Israel Harp Festival (Jaffa), a special tour has been organized to celebrate the sunrise on Masada with a performance by Park Stickney and Sunita Staneslow.

Park (USA/Switzerland) is an international performing artist and the guest of honor at the Harp Festival. Sunita (USA/Israel) is one of Israel's finest harpists. Together they will welcome the sunrise with the peaceful and spiritual music of the harp.

After the early morning pickup you'll travel with the guide and Sunita to Masada, and ascend by foot from the western side. It is a fairly easy 20-minute walk. Those of you with strong shoulders are invited to assist in carrying the harp.

Masada photo: http://www.truthnet.org
On top of Masada, the performance will begin just as the sun is rising. Then we'll retire from the viewpoint to the synagog area where breakfast will be served to the sounds of the harp. The traditional Middle East breakfast will include fresh Arabic coffee, various salads, hummos, eggs, and pitta (flat bread). Please remember to bring your own water.

After breakfast the guide will conduct a tour of Masada, taking in the magnificence of Herod's construction, and learning about the tragic end to the Jewish rebellion against the Romans.

The descent will be via cable car, after which the bus will drive north along the Dead Sea to En Gedi beach, where those who wish, can spend some time floating in the water. Then there will be a visit to the En Gedi nature preserve, and a 1/2 hour walk to the exotic oasis and waterfall at the edge of the desert. The nature preserve contains a number of rare plants, birds and animals including Ibex - a type of small deer, and Hyraz - small furry creatures.

Then lunch and return to Jerusalem passing Jericho en-route.