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A briefing with one of our experts can help demystify the relationships between Palestinian and Israelis, and break down the complexities of the issues into understandable concepts. Each briefing is tailored to your needs and can include a number of different areas.
  • Cultural aspects of interacting with Palestinians and Israelis
  • Defining the various religious and political groups
  • History of Zionism
  • History of Palestinian nationalism
  • Roots of the conflict
  • Occupation 101
  • Understanding 1948 and 1967
  • The Oslo Agreements
  • Camp David 2000
  • The Intifada
  • Settlements
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Analysis of the current business climate
Any combination of these topics can be condensed into a 1-2 hour briefing accompanied by maps, fact sheets or powerpoint presentations. A briefing can be a a personal ono-on-one encounter for small or large groups. Briefings can be extended into a seminar of 3-8 hours where the material can be covered in more depth, and more than one presenter can be scheduled on request.

Each briefing is unique, depending on the interests and goals of the client. An scholar researching for a book will want a different approach than a corporate executive intent on establishing a branch office. Each of our Team members has cross disciplinary knowledge and cross cultural experience enabling them to communicate effectively to help you meet your goals.

Briefings can take place in any Israeli or Palestinian location, or overseas. However some of the Palestinian experts can only meet in the Palestinian Territories due to Israeli travel restrictions.

Contact us with details of your needs.