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Olive Cooperative Tours

Spring, Summer and Autumn 2008

Olive Cooperative is delighted to announce a range of unique educational tours to Palestine and Israel in 2008. Each tour offers participants the opportunity to visit this beautiful area and to meet inspiring Palestinian and Israeli organisations working in professional and voluntary capacities to contribute to a just and lasting peace in the region.

Building on our extensive knowledge of a spectrum of civil society organisations in Palestine and Israel, our tours meet individuals and groups, visit the separation wall and sights of historic and religious significance, stay in local hotels, and many offer the chance to experience Palestinian hospitality by staying in Palestinian family homes.

Each tour is built around a theme or topic, allowing participants to develop in-depth understanding of a particular area of interest, and facilitating lasting linkages between groups of similar interests in the UK and Palestine and Israel. All the tours are suitable for anyone with a general interest in the situation.

Our next tour in June, the Medics tour offers an understanding of the challenges facing medics working in a conflict area, as well as exploring the roles and potential roles of medics in witnessing, reporting and challenging the ongoing conflict.

From schools and Universities to refuseniks, Trade Union activists and peace organisations, the Teachers tour in October will provide a unique insight into the educational system in Palestine and Israel, and the effects of occupation on eduction.

Also in October The Dialogue tour in October will introduce participants to the many grassroots organisations forming links across ethnic, religious, economic, political and geographical divides and addressing the tough issues of how to break away from the conflict and build a mutually respectful and peaceful future.

An area of immense historical value, the architecture of Palestine and Israel tells many stories. The Architecture, Culture and History tour in October aims to explore the history preserved in the built environment.

Meet farmers working millenia-old olive groves, and take part in the Olive Harvest Festival in November. Olive Cooperative are delighted to be able to offer this ever-popular tour again in 2008. The Olive Harvest tour will be guided by Heather Masoud, founder of Zaytoun.

And Arabic Language courses enable participants to learn first hand about the language, life and culture of Palestine. Practice your Arabic with the people you meet around you, and consolidate your learning with immersion in Palestinian language and culture.

More details of the 2008 Tour Program is available by filling out the form below.