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- free to attend

• Tour from the comfort of your own home!

• History, Religion, Geo-politics.

• Photos, maps, videos, and live presentations.

• Question + answer session after every tour.

• Interact with the guide.

• Pay only what you want at the end -> more details ->

Birthright Unplugged

Birthright Unplugged is an education and movement building project that offers two travel programs.

Birthright Unplugged
Our Unplugged trip primarily seeks to expose North American people to the realities of Palestinian life though travel and conversations with a variety of Palestinian people. In six days, we visit Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps in the West Bank and spend time with internally displaced Palestinian people living inside Israel. Throughout the journey, we help participants develop an understanding of daily life under occupation and the history of the region from people profoundly affected by and under-represented in Western discourses about the occupation. We encourage participants to be deeply reflective and after the program we support their involvement in human rights and justice oriented efforts.

Birthright Re-plugged
Our Re-Plugged trip is for Palestinian children living in refugee camps. In two days, we visit Jerusalem, the sea and the children’s ancestral villages, which is nearly impossible for most Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and outside Palestine. The children document their experiences with cameras and create an exhibit in order to contribute to the collective memory in the refugee camp community. The exhibits the children create are also available to be hung in other venues.

Birthright Unplugged is in no way affiliated with birthright israel.

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