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Taybeh Beer Run

3rd May, 2008
Departure point:
Ambassador Hotel (directions at bottom of page)
Departure Time: 10am Return: 2pm
Cost: 120 shekels ($35)
Passports required terms and conditions

The Taybeh Beer Run is sponsored by a music teacher at a famous Israeli school. He prefers to remain nameless on this web site. All of his friends and colleagues are invited to sign up for this informative and fun trip to the Brewery in Taybeh Village north-east of Ramallah. The tour will start in East Jerusalem and you are advised to car pool and save on Israel's ridiculously expensive gasoline.

The tour will begin at the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem and pass through French Hill, one of Israel's first settlements after the 1967 war. The route will exit Israel into Area 'C' at the Pizgat Ze'ev Checkpoint and take the Ramallah by-pass road to Taybeh. During the trip your guide will discuss the political geography of the terrain and the dismal ramifications for the proposed future Palestinian State. Once you are sufficiently depressed, the bus will enter Taybeh and visit the brewery where copious quantities of beer may be drunk and purchased. One of the owners of the brewery will be on hand to discuss the beer and life in the village, one of the few Christian enclaves in the Ramallah area.

You must enter the password to access the reservation form. If you do not have the password then you most likely have not been invited to the tour.

Directions to the Ambassador Hotel
via Route 6
From the Center of Israel take Route 6 south. Just past the tunnel, exit to route 443. Turn left at the light at the bottom of the ramp, then left again at the next light. Keep going
via Route 4
Take route 4 south to Route 1 south (direction Jerusalem). About 10 kilometers after the airport take the exit for route 443. Keep going.
via Route 1
Get on route 1, through Tel Aviv, past the airport. About 10 kilometers after the airport take the exit for route 443. Keep going.
Stay on route 443 past Modi'in all the way to Jerusalem. There's a checkpoint at the entrance to Jerusalem. Smile at the soldiers then go through the checkpoint to the next exit to Ma'ale Adumim.
Keep left as you turn off the exit.
Turn left at the first light then left again at the next light.
At the second light turn right (direction Jerusalem)
At the 3rd light turn left then an immediate right onto Derech Shkhem street
About 150 meters there's a fork in the road. take the left fork and park the car.
The Ambassador Hotel is about 200 meters down the road.
If you get lost call Fred at 054-693-4433