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Taybeh Oktoberfest 2010

The 2011 Oktoberfest will be held on 
October 1st and 2nd
Details at this link

The Taybeh Oktoberfest is two days filled with Palestinian music, culture, and of course, beer. This festival is an annual tradition that brings together thousands of visitors from abroad, Israelis, and Palestinians.

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The Taybeh Brewery, just north of Jerusalem, was established in 1995 by the Khoury family and produces fine beers on a par with the best microbreweries in Europe and the USA. Taybeh, a Christian Palestinian village, is also famous for its handmade olive oil soap, ceramic 'peace lamps', and crafts cooperatives.

The history of Taybeh dates back 5000 years ago as one of the most ancient places in Palestine established originally with the name Ofra (Ophrah) mentioned 11 times in the Torah (Old Testament, Book of Joshua 18:21-23: "The tribe of Benjamin, clan by clan, had the following cities: Jericho, Beth Hoglah, Emek Keziz, Beth Arabah, Zemaraim, Bethel, Avvim, Parah, Ophrah..."),  and later called Ephraim mentioned in the New Testament (Christian Bible: Gospel of John 11:54.  "Jesus therefore walked no more openly among the Jews; but went thence unto a country near the wilderness, into a city called Ephraim...")

Taybeh today is a dynamic village which welcomes visitors with hospitality and warmth. The festival will feature local crafts and music, and tours of the brewery, churches, and archeological site.

1pm  Al Ahlam Theatre
1.25pm  Sri Lanka Traditional Dancers
1.45pm  Baiao Band from Brazil
3.00pm  Karate Demonstration
3.15pm  CYS-Zababdeh/ Puppet Show GroupCYS Puppet Show
4.00pm  Taybeh Beer Competition
4.30pm  Dom Band/Jerusalem
5,15 pm  G-Town Palestinian Hip-Hop Makers
6:15 pm   Taybeh Folklore Dance
7.00pm  CULTURESHOC: Palestine’s 1st Rock-Rap Band
8:00 pm  MMD Rap Family
9:00 pm   Ramallah Band with Jack Tanous

11:00 am   Palestinian National Theater/Al-Hakawati - Childrens program
1:00 pm  Karate Demonstration
1:15  pm  Spafford Children’s Center
3:00 pm   Toot Ard/Golan Heights Reggae Music
4:00 pm   Beer Competition
4:30 pm   Baqoun Folklore Dance Group
5:15 pm   Al Roward Theater and Training Center
6:00 pm   Old City Soldiers Hip HopCYS Puppet Show
6:45 pm   Mina Band with Nazal Zanyed
7:45 pm   Taybeh Folkore Dance Group
8:30 pm   DAM - Palestinian Hip Hop

The Festival is sponsored by the
Green Olive Tours will be running tours from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on both days of the Oktoberfest. Reservations can be made online. Don't miss this great event!