USA Discovery Tour

TWO TOURS in 2018 - 12 days • 11 nights
April 6th -17th AND 
August 10th -21st


Colorado • Kansas • Oklahoma • Vermont • Massachusetts • New York • Wash. DC


Farms • schools • industry • museums • NGOs • governments • small towns • cities


Business owners • workers • academics •  immigrants • politicians • rural & city people

During this summer of 2017, Green Olive CEO, Fred Schlomka, spent several months rediscovering the United States of America, including over 1,000 miles (1,600 km) travelling remote byways on his bicycle. The tour we are offering you, by motor coach and airplane, is an outgrowth of Fred’s summer experiences, and a reflection of our desire at Green Olive to explore the Trump phenomenon, and to help others do the same.

Are you ready to discover the United States of America in the aftermath of the stunning 2016 Presidential victory by Donald Trump that has shaken the country to its roots. Former US Ambassador, Richard Jones, will lead the tour that will open your eyes to the America of the 21st century. Jones was a career foreign service officer with the US State Department and served as Ambassador in Lebanon, Kuwait, Kazakhstan and Israel.

The format will be similar to other Green Olive tours. Over twelve days, you will be exposed to a huge amount of information in the form of briefings, presentations, meetings, experiential activities, and site visits, designed to uncover the ideals, contradictions and grandeur of the USA.  Ambassador Jones will provide ongoing analysis to help distill the experience into a coherent view of the country, as seen through the values of democracy and human rights.

We aim to peel back some of the layers of American society, expose the underlying cultural, economic, and political fabric, and examine the social dynamics that led to the unprecedented rise of this new type of political maverick, Donald Trump. Is he one of those anomalies of history that rise up seemingly out of nowhere, and then quickly disappear and are forgotten? Or does this radical movement in American politics signify a fundamental shift in the direction of this great empire, and the rise of a more imperial presidency, with Trump at the vanguard? These are the questions you will grapple with on this excursion through American society.

The group will travel through great swaths of the country, meeting with a representative sampling of the people who call themselves ‘American’. Who are they - really? What are their hopes and dreams? What prompted over 41% of the citizens of this great nation to vote as their leader, a man who had never run for public office before?

To attempt to answer these questions here will be presentations and meetings with farmers and politicians, cowboys and business owners, Native Americans and undocumented migrants, corporate giants, cooperatives, unions, schoolteachers, the rich, the poor, the workers - and so much more.

Join us! You will cover thousands of miles, and meet hundreds of people from all walks of life. We can’t promise you all the answers, but we can guarantee an experience you will never forget. Are you ready for this challenge - to rediscover America in 2018?

Each tour is limited to a dedicated group of no more than 25 people.

Early Bird Special Pricing

Full itinerary* will be posted on this website after October 15th
Day 1 & 2 - Denver and Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Day 3 - Denver, Colorado to Oakley, Kansas
Day 4 - Oakley, Kansas to McPherson, Kansas
Day 5 - McPherson, Kansas to Oklahoma City
Day 6 - Fly to Burlington, Vermont
Day 7 - Burlington, Vermont to Boston, Massachusetts
Day 8 - Boston, Massachusetts to New York City
Day 9 - New York City to Washington DC
Day 10, 11 & 12 - Washington DC

* Itinerary subject to change. Early Bird registrants will receive the final itinerary via email

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Rimon Cafe - Old City, Jerusalem

The Rimon Cafe is the meeting place for the
Old City Tours and the Greater Jerusalem Tours
See below for photo guidance.
For departure locations for other tours, see the map at this link

From outside the city walls, walk through Damascus Gate.

Walk about 10 meters through a tunnel that zig-zags a bit.

Emerging from the tunnel, the Rimon Cafe is down a few steps,
about 10 meters on the right.

Jerusalem Home-Stays

$65 per person per night - double occupancy
$95 single room

including dinner and breakfast

A few Palestinian families in East Jerusalem have opened their homes for guests and provide a unique cultural experience in the heart of the city. You will be placed with a family in Shuafat or Beit Hanina, inner suburbs of Jerusalem.

These middle class Muslim families welcome visitors from abroad, and speak good English. The home cooking is excellent, and your conversations with family members will enhance your understanding of life in Jerusalem today.

Shuafat and Beit Hanina communities are diverse with a working class and middle class population, and are situated between various Israeli settlements, a refugee camp, and Israeli by-pass roads, all of which serve to limit the growth of the community. Your stay there will enable you to better understand the frustrations and aspirations of the Palestinian population of East Jerusalem.

The streets of the neighborhoods are safe, and you are encouraged to take walks and familiarize yourself with the area. Banks, shops, caf├ęs and restaurants are all within easy walking distance. It is also possible to walk to the Old City, about 25-30 minutes.

There is good public transport access to the bus station, downtown areas, and the Old City. Frequent buses and light rail pass through the heart of Shuafat and Beit Hanina.

After you make your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details about your host family, including a phone number, and clear directions on how to arrive at the home via public transport or taxi.

Jerusalem Home-Stay Reservations

$65 per person per night - double occupancy
$95 single room per night

including dinner and breakfast

Confirmation, transportation and contact information will be sent to you via email after you make the reservation.

All reservations must be accompanied by a $15 deposit per night per person.  You can pay the deposit with your credit card or PayPal account.

The balance of your payment will be due in cash directly to the family, either in US$, or the shekels equivalent and the current exchange rate.