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Eldad Brin

Welcome to Jerusalem!

I'm Eldad, a born-and-bred Jerusalemite and a licensed tour-guide working all over Israel but focusing on Jerusalem for a good few years now.

You often expect guides like me to tell you how much they love this incredible city, its patchwork of religions and diverse humanscape. They'll tell you of a Golden City, a city of exotic sights, sounds and tastes, a spiritual Mecca for people of all faiths, and so on and so forth.

While it's all true, I don't stop there.

My Jerusalem, the city I know inside out, is a poor, struggling city, a cauldron of age-old suspicions and animosities. Sure, there are great photo-ops, mouth-watering food and some exquisite archaeology and architecture, and I promise to provide them to you.  But for every inch of the exotic, this city presents you with a yard of inconvenient reality. If you want to understand the city, I mean truly understand what makes it tick, what makes it the heart and soul of everything which is Middle East, you have to encounter both. 

They say that there's no city in the world quite like Jerusalem. For better or worse, that's true. By the same token, guiding visitors to Jerusalem is unlike guiding visitors to any other city I know. Even when you think you know the city better than most, guiding people through it is sailing through uncharted waters. Often, not because of the city, but rather because of the people on tour. You keep thinking: might my next remark be considered offensive? How should I go about explaining this or that phenomenon without causing a stir? Can this crowd or this individual take a Christian joke? A Jewish one? What would be the reaction to this or that political observation or comment? Trust me, despite the hot climate - meteorological and political - guiding in Jerusalem is walking on thin, thin ice.

I want to show you the city through my eyes as an experienced, seasoned guide who focuses on its tangled and complex geopolitics. Because Jerusalem is so much more than the sum of its parts, and without exploring the thick of it you stand little chance of understanding its pivotal standing vis-à-vis the broader Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (indeed, the entire Israeli-Arab Conflict) and the prospects for any political solution.

I offer half-day and full-day walking tours and motorized tours which, aided by up-to-date maps and charts are essential for gaining a deeper understanding of what this city is all about and where all of this may be heading. My tours focus on the city's world-class landmarks as well as its off-the-beaten-track and often-overlooked areas of strife and discontent. With less kitsch, and more facts and sober analysis, I try and provide a clearer understanding of what Jerusalem is all about, beyond the usual clichés. Join me!

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