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Jericho hiking tour

Jerusalem to Jericho Hiking Tour

via Wadi Qelt

Tour Highlights

    Ein Fawwar ( Ein Prat)
  • Scenery: Walk through one of the most scenic valleys in the world.
  • Spiritual: Visit the spiritual hide-outs of monks through the centuries.
  • Social: Learn about the social realities of the land.
  • Swimming: Swim in clean, flowing waters.
  • History: Connect to the land's incredible history and beauty.

Tour Details

Every Monday & Thursday*
Length of Tour: 9 hours - including 4-6 hours hiking**
Jerusalem Departure:  8:00am - Jerusalem Hotel (map)
Tel Aviv Departure:  6:30am - HaYarkon 48 Hostel (map)
Bethlehem Departure:  7:00am - Walled Off Hotel (map)
Return: 5pm to Jerusalem - 5:30pm to Bethlehem
6:30pm to Tel Aviv
Cost: From Jerusalem $115
From Tel Aviv $145 
*Passports needed     **Depending on the fitness level of the group 

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Detailed description

This eco-tour will take you through the majestic Wadi Qlt (Ein Prat), a water-filled, green, desert oasis valley running through the heart of the Judean Desert, from Jerusalem to Jericho. The valley houses many natural caves, a variety of wildlife, as well as several aqueducts that run along the stream, the oldest dating to the Hasmonean period (2nd century BC). The valley and its surroundings were declared as Ein Prat Nature Reserve, by the Israeli Parks authority following the 1967 war and is nowadays a popular destination for Palestinian and Israeli hikers, as well as local Bedouin shepherds.

Our tour will begin with a short meeting and briefing at the Jerusalem Hotel, a few minutes walk from Damascus Gate. From there we will travel down the Jerusalem-Jericho highway to the entrance to the ancient town of Bethany (modern day Azaria). We will climb to a hill and lookout over the Judean Desert and the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim, discussing the impact of its development on the local political, social and ecological realities.

Saint George Monastary
Saint George Monastery
We will then head to the local market together to buy fresh food for a picnic then continue to the site of St. George monastery where we will look over the monastery and towards Jericho, one of the oldest human settlements. We will then descend to the monastery of St. George where our walking tour will begin. The site was founded by John of Thebes around 480 AD and has become an important spiritual center for Orthodox Christians

Then we will make our way towards Ein Qlt (by foot or car, depending on fitness of group), the site of ancient Bedouin dwellings and a beautiful fresh water stream filled with ancient caves, reeds, birds and wildlife.

We will picnic by the majestic pools, and have the chance to swim in the clear water. Then we will hike back to our transportation, ascending back up the mountain and then heading back to Jerusalem.

Please bring a comfortable bag with at least two litres of water, a hat, shoes appropriate for hiking through water, a bathing suit, sunscreen and long clothes appropriate for religious sites.