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Jerusalem Hotel Cafe

Jerusalem Hotel Cafe is on Antara Ben Shadad Street, only 7 minutes walking from Damascus Gate.

  1. Arrive to Damascus gate.
  2. Head north on Nablus Road.
  3. After 5 minutes, you'll arrive to the first left turn on Nablus road, take left and the Jerusalem Hotel cafe would be on your right.

Map of Jerusalem Hotel Cafe from Damascus gate
Map of Jerusalem Hotel cafe from Damascus gate

Jerusalem Hotel Cafe
Jerusalem Hotel cafe
Public transportation close to the meeting point:

The light rail stop 'Damascus Gate' is 3 minutes walk from the hotel. The light rail brings you directly to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station or the new Jerusalem Navon Rail Station in ~10 minutes.
If coming from Ramallah/Qalandiya, the bus station is directly in front of the hotel.
If coming from Bethlehem, the bus station is between the Damascus Gate and the meeting point, an easy 5 minute walk from the hotel straight along Nablus Road.

Parking close to the meeting point:

Name: Mutran Parking lot.
Parking fee: 20NIS(~6$)/a day.
Address : Nablus Rd. (Derech Shchem) right in front of YMCA (East Jerusalem).
Walking time: 3 minutes.
Walking distance: ~250m (820ft).

*Please note that Nablus Road is a one way road
Parking near Jerusalem Hotel
Parking near Jerusalem Hotel