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George Sandrouni Ceramics

George Sandrouni and his family are carrying on the grand tradition of hand painted ceramics. You can find them in a small workshop just a few minutes walk from the New Gate of Jerusalem's Old City. There you'll see family members painting and glazing the tiles and decorative artefacts that grace homes around the world.

After centuries of development in Armania, the craft was revived in Jerusalem in the early twentieth century by the 'Pro Jerusalem Society' and David Ohannissian of Kutahya. He was a master of the craft, who founded a Jerusalem workshop and trained craftsmen who carried the trade forward to the next generation.

George and his family follow that tradition, and in their small workshop and showroom you can see the pieces being painted, glazed and fired in their on-site kiln. Upon entering the shop you are surrounded by a blaze of color from the brightly painted tiles, vases, and ornaments filling the shelves and walls. Don't miss this unique experience on your visit to Jerusalem.

George Sandrouni: (+972)