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Alternative Information Center

The Alternative Information Center (AIC) is an internationally oriented, progressive, joint Palestinian-Israeli activist organization. It is engaged in dissemination of information, political advocacy, grassroots activism and critical analysis of the Palestinian and Israeli societies as well as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
The AIC strives to promote full individual and collective social, economic, political and gender equality, freedom and democracy and a rejection of the philosophy (ideology and praxis) (weltanschauung) of separation.
The most urgent regional task is to find a just solution to the century-old colonial conflict in Palestine and confront the ongoing Israeli occupation-regime within its international framework. The AIC method of action develops from the awareness that local struggle must be practically and analytically situated within the framework of the global justice struggle.
The internal AIC structure and working relationship aims to reflect the above mentioned values.

Contact the AIC.

Building 111 Main Street - Beit Sahour
Queen Shlomzion Street 4 - Jerusalem
Snail - Mail: (for both Offices)
PO Box 31417 - Jerusalem 91313

Telephone: 00972-(0)2-2775444 (Beit Sahour)
Fax: 00972-(0)2-6241159 (Jerusalem)