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Testimonials and References

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While visiting Israel I was saddened by our traditional guides us vs them philosophy. Meeting Yahav and Fred on our Green Olive tours renewed my sense of hope that maybe someday people in the region will live together respectfully in peace. Thank you for the work you are doing.

J.A., San Francisco, USA

Hello Fred,

I just want to say a BIG thank you! The tour exceeded our expectations. We learned so much during those 2 weeks. We learned more about the conflict than we ever learned in university.  We came to one conclusion: no matter how much we studied and read about the conflict, seeing it with our own eyes and experiencing daily life in Israel/Palestine is a completely different experience. We all felt like we left our hearts there.

A special thanks to the amazing guides on your team: Yahav, Yaniv, Ronny, Yamen and Mohammed (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone). They gave us so much information, pertinent information. They explained the conflict in detail and presented different perspectives regarding the conflict. Despite all the unfortunate aspects of the conflict, they left us with a message of hope. I thought it was remarkable that some Israelis are raising awareness about the situation for Palestinians. You have a great team :).

The Mashni family was absolutely wonderful. We bonded with them immediately. Saying goodbye to them was very emotional and we left with tears. Staying with a Palestinian family made our trip unforgettable. The stories they shared with us, the moments of laughter, the food, all made this trip beyond amazing. I highly encourage your future clients to stay with a Palestinian family as they will get to experience what local people experience, share their moments, and learn from them.

On behalf of the girls, thank you again Fred for this memorable trip!

 - W.N., Canada

Your tour and guide and entire experience were without question the finest I have ever experienced and in fact one of the most remarkable days of my life.

I'm 57 years old and over the years have had guided day tours in England, France, Scotland, Israel on three previous occasions, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India.  There were some terrific ones amongst those; Kathmandu stands out particularly.

But Fred, truly-nothing touches your company.

I've written you before that this was the most important day for me to set up for my 13 year old son and myself of this trip and you far surpassed anything we expected.  "My mind is being blown" was Sam's most common comment that day and from an American teenager that's high praise.

I wanted to hear the Palestinian side of things; I wanted to see and hear what we don't see on TV and not only did we get that, it was never forced on us or shoved down our throats which made it even easier to hear seriously.

We were never rushed; we were never talked down to and most important he heard, listened, considered and answered every question and never avoided the difficult ones.  And as a father I was so grateful that he gave my son's questions the same thoughtful respect and consideration as the adults'.
 - D.M. New Jersey, USA

I went on a Green Olive 'Alternative tour' to Hebron, Bethlehem, settlements, refugee camps in the Lower West Bank and could not recommend it enough. Samer, our guide was hugely knowledgeable and the tour took us many places that would have been very difficult to get to independently. Heartbreaking, shocking and also hugely inspirational, it remains the strongest memory of my trip to the Holy Land. If you want to have an informed Holy Land experience, then this is definitely for you.
 - Katie, Jerusalem.

I lived in Israel for a year and Fred Schlomka's Green Olive Tours are amazing and worth every cent! We went to Oktoberfest in Taybeh which was amazing fun and a charming town in the W. Bank. Stopping at the brewery is a must! He escorted me and a friend on 3 tours in April. The Bedouin tour was unforgettable. It's not a phony, staged Bedouin tour...it's the real deal.  Fred's extensive knowledge about the region gives you the full picture and history of the area. His tours are eye openers and a must see for those traveling to Israel.  I highly recommend these tours. You will never forget it.
 - Meridith Baranja, New York

I just wanted to thank you again for putting together our little day trip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, we all had a fantastic time, the guide was great, your country is AMAZING, even if troubled. We enjoyed the experience very much, still talking about it, and BTW, that lunch was way good!!! One of the best we've had in our 2 week vacation. I will pass along your information to anyone I know might be interested in a tour in Israel. Blessings to you and your entire family, and a very Happy New Year! :)
 - Sophia, USA

From start to finish, the tour was organized with exceptional professionalism and exceeded my expectations in every regard! My warmest thanks must go to Yamin who was easily one of the best guides I’ve ever experienced in my travels. Yamin had a rare combination of being both extremely (!!) informative as well as being an awesome guy on a personal level.  There could not be a better ambassador for Palestine.

My understanding of Israel, Palestine, and the overall situation in the Middle East has increased ten fold thanks to your company. I will not hesitate to recommend Green Olive Tours to any friends I have visiting in the area.

 - Dave Bryant, Vancouver, Canada

we just wanted to thank you and your team for the great time we had on our Bethlehem & Ramallah trip. Special thanks to Yamin, our tourguide: he is a very nice guy, very professional and has a great knowledge of the people and their lives behind the wall.
We will recommend your organisation!
 - Kathrin & Kamran, Germany

We have been telling everyone we know about you and your tours. I will pass your flyers around. Want you to know that of our 3 1/2 weeks in Israel your tour was the number one highlight. What you do and your perspective on things Israeli and Palestinian is inspirational and moving--and I so don't say those kind of things lightly. I am still so freshly stoked having got a Samaritan Torah and other treasures from the West Bank, mostly the experience of the people and place. As the young folks in California say, You Rock!

 - Eric Thompson, California, USA

The tour was incredible. our guide, Yamin, was very original. thank you for all your help. our photos and experiences will be shared.
 - Jacki

. . I can honestly say that this tour was one of the highlights of our trip, and we had a wonderful experience. We believe that these positive experiences were due in large part to our guide for the day, Yamen Elabed. Yamen did an amazing job leading us through the various locations, explaining the often-complicated political situations facing Palestinians in the West Bank, and providing a personal touch to the tour. His explanations were always clear and easy to understand. He took as much time as was needed to answer questions or explain issues; this was particularly evident since another participant on this tour was a bit aggressive and combative in questioning what Yamen was telling us. Yamen maintained a professional attitude throughout, and always treated everyone with respect. My wife a nd I can honestly say that our time spent in the West Bank was a life-changing experience. Thanks and regards,
 - E.S., USA

I want to thank you and Elias for everything, it was great!  Safety was not an issue.  People from our group were envious to find out that I made the trip into the West Bank and many say they would like to go to Bethlehem in 2012 when we return to Israel.  I will make sure we keep you in mind.

- S.H., Panama City, Florida, USA

Thank you for your wonderful newsletter with all of its links, your blogs, and the information and inspiration they provide. I welcome the opportunity to share this information with others. A tour through your company last spring was an unforgettable experience that has sparked a desire to come back to Occupied Palestine to spend more time with the people and learn more from them. We can find common ground and understanding in our differences, if we greet one another as fellow human beings. Thank you for this channel of communication.

  - Rev. Linda Wescott, Alaska, USA

“Fred was able to provide a highly customized and comprehensive itinerary that offered a once in a lifetime "off the beaten path" tour of Israel and the Palestinian Territories. I carefully shopped around before my visit and no other tour operator could match his range of services and network of guides. If you are interested in a tour that few other visitors will be privileged to then you have found the right person.”

 - Jed Harris, USA

“www.ToursInEnglish.com run by Fred Schlomka provides a unique perspective on life in Israel. Fred's tours are both informative and fun and provide the balance between politics and history. Having lived in Israel for two years I am beginning to understand the complex workings of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The www.ToursInEnglish.com tours provide what books and media cannot, the experience of being there first hand seeing the landscape, meeting the people and knowing the culture. Fred and I arranged a fantastic special tour to Taybeh, Palestine to visit the Teybeh Brewery - the best beer in the Middle East. He also arranged for my life-changing tour of Hebron, Bethlehem and Shiraa Refugee Camp. Both tours were safe, organized and fun. I really enjoy the opportunities for a complete view of Israel that Fred Schlomka's tours in English provide.”

 - Sanford Jones, Qatar

“I've been on numerous tours with Fred. He is meticulous in his planning and explanations, so that all participants are well-prepared in advance for the various tours he organizes via toursinenglish.com”

 - Dan Perach, Israel

"I recently returned from a trip to Israel and wanted a perspective that viewed both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with as little political opinion as possible.  Fortunately I was lucky enough to sign up for a trip with Fred Schlomka and his organization "Tours In English".  Fred offers a variety of tours throughout Israel; but by far his best and most powerful tours are those that go into the West Bank.  I took a day long tour into Nablus from Jerusalem, and I initially was concerned about the cost and the value, as most travelers are today.  I can reassure you, this trip into Nablus was the best value you can get for your money.  Your day is packed with information, meeting various merchants, talking with Palestinians, touring the old city of Nablus, visiting religious sites and the Balada Refugee camp in Nablus.  The pace is brisk and the trip is extremely well organized.  The guides are locals who are extremely knowledgeable.  These tours are safe and very well planned out by professionals. 

My advice is don't go to Israel and be content with the conventional tours and perspectives that only give you the Israeli point of view.  Decide for yourself and tour the Holy Land with an open mind.  Tours in English is the perfect vehicle for a thought provoking experience that you will never forget.  Highly recommended."

 - Terry Banen USA

“Great tour. Very knowledgeable guides. Flexible -- willing to adjust things based on our interests. We got to see stuff we would never have otherwise been able to see.”
 - Glenn Stein, Israel

“Several years ago, while visiting Fred in Israel, my companion and I were treated to Fred's unique style as a tour guide. As an insider with associations to people in the Palestinian and Israeli communities, and being well versed in the history behind current events, he took us places that tourists wouldn't ordinarily go and showed us how the people lived as we shopped at Palestinian markets, saw some of the oldest buildings in human civilization,met the people who lived and worked there, visited the natural wonders that exist in the region, ate the best falafel and I will never forget our trip to Jericho. Fred's affinity for intelligent tourguiding is just a natural offshoot of who he is and I am honored to recommend him.”

 - Hogie Siebert, USA

. . . . .  I just want to say how great guide and person Samer is. He looked after us so well on the day, and his generosity at the end by taking us into his home for drinks was amazing.

I wish you all well.
 - M C., Australia

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour to Bethlehem and Hebron with Samer.  He was a wonderful guide and we are overwhelmed with all the information and with the people we met.  Best wishes, 
 - C. F., USA