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Sebastiya Guest House

Bed & Breakfast
$50 per person (regardless of room or number of people) Contact the administrator for groups larger than 10 people.

Red Room
Double bedroom
Max 2 people
1 bathroom
Blue room
Double bedroom
Max 2 people
1 bathroom
Crusader room
Four single beds + chair-bed + camp bed
Max 6 people
2 bathroom
Channel room
Three single beds + camp bed
Max 4 people
1 bathroom

Sebastiya is perhaps best known for its well preserved Roman ruins including an amphitheater and temple.  There is also a Byzantine church at the location where John the Baptist is reputed to be buried.

However just down the hill from the ancient ruins the modern village of Sebastiya contains little known gems including a restored buildings dating back to the crusader era.

For several years the Italian organisation, Associazione di Terra Santa (ATS), has been working with the municipality to conserve the rich cultural heritage and has funded building restoration.

Over the years a huge complex of buildings dating back to the Crusader period emerged from hundreds of cubic meters of rubble, including the structure that is now a guest house.

The charming guest house in the heart of the village currently has several rooms with a choice of single or double beds. Please indicate on the reservation form which room you prefer.  For large groups there are also families in the village that host overnight guests. Contact the administrator for details. the village is a great base to explore the roman ruins and surrounding area. The villagers are very friendly and run various shops and restaurants.

Sebastiya is situated about 15 kilometres north-west of Nablus. Public and private transportation is available to Sebastiya from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. If you are going direct from the airport, special arrangements can be made. All the details regarding public and private transport options will be sent via email after you make a reservation.