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Golden Gate Inn Jerusalem

The Golden Gate Inn is a family run hostel and guest house conveniently located just a ten-minute walk from Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City.

Your hosts, all members of the Sandoka family, ensure a comfortable visit in a secure and quiet location. The family has roots in Jerusalem dating back to 1155.

The guest house is situated just off the famous Souk Khan Al Zeit, a market street which bustles during the day and is quiet in the evening.

In the Souk you will have a marvelous time browsing the many spice and coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, arts and crafts shops.

The guest house offers private rooms and dormitories, all kept meticulously clean and tidy. Breakfast is served every morning. There is wireless internet and a nice outdoor patio to relax after a busy day. Just outside the front door there is an elderly gentleman who maintains a tiny tea and coffee kiosk. Try one of his sweet mint teas and enjoy the ambiance.

Contact details:
Telephone: +972-2-628-4317
Email: goldengate442000@yahoo.com