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- free to attend

• Tour from the comfort of your own home!

• History, Religion, Geo-politics.

• Photos, maps, videos, and live presentations.

• Question + answer session after every tour.

• Interact with the guide.

• Pay only what you want at the end -> more details ->

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Special Day Tour

Tuesday 11th August - Jenin & Sebastia - This special tour includes driving through a large swath of the West Bank seeing settlements and Palestinian villages.  Freedom Theater, Jenin Refugee camp, Roman ruins.

Multi-day tours
4 days- Introduction to Palestine • Stay with a Palestinian family • JerusalemBethlehem • Nablus • Ramallah night life • Jericho

11 days- Nativity Trail •
Walk from Nazareth to Bethlehem • stay with
Palestinians & Bedouin • experienced guides
Home stays with Palestinian and Bedouin families in the West Bank & Israel • Guest Houses • Permaculture farm • Arab/Jewish village • Great hospitality • Friendly people • Budget prices