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Bustan Qaraaqa Permacuture Farm & Guest House

Beit Sahour, Bethlehem


Bustan Qaraaqa is a permaculture farm with guest house dorm-room accommodation in an old farm house in Wadi Hana Saad, Beit Sahour near Bethlehem. Wadi Hana Saad is green valley 5 minutes (or 20 min on foot) to the East of Bethlehem. Relaxing on the farm you can enjoy a wealth of wildlife including tortoises, eagles and sunbirds. The farm's orchards play host to a wealth of migratory birds often in huge numbers. As your hosts we are eager to help you to be involved in local community activities, and to participate in the life of the farm so learning about permaculture and sustainable living.

The dorm room is comfortable and we are fully equipped with sheets, blankets etc.. for your comfort, so you can leave your sleeping bag behind. If you have a hammock you may wish to hang it in a cave or on a roof. we provide a home cooked breakfast in the morning and free wireless internet. There are plenty of areas to relax, both indoors and outdoors.

As we are a farm we, of course, have animals. There are cats in the house but they do not enter the bedrooms. We try to live as sustainably as possible, for example we use a composting toilet and wash the dishes with lemon and ash.

There are plenty of balconies, roofs and terraces to smoke on so stepping outside is no inconvenience.

Bustan Qaraaqa is a great base from which to explore the beautiful Palestinian countryside in safety on foot. Within walking distance of the farm are: the historic old towns of Beit Sahour and Bethlehem; the monasteries of Deir Theodosius and Deir Mar Saba (spectacularly located on the precipice of the Jordan Valley above the Dead Sea); Mount Herodion (King Herod's fortified place and tomb on the summit of a volcano-like mountain with views to the Mountains of Jordan, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Bethlehem and Bustan Qaraaqa nestled in a green valley to the north). Using the regular and cheap public transport, day trips to Wadi Qelt, Jerico, Hebron, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea shore, Ramallah, Nablus and Ein Gedi National Reserve are among many memorable ways to spend the day.

As part of the project we encourage people to integrate with the local community and to explore Palestine's natural treasures and wildlife. We enjoy showing our guests around and organising ecotourism excursions in the deserts and mountains.

We are a very new project, funded almost solely through the revenues we can raise from our guest house. So all the money you pay will go back into the running the project and thus into the local community.                                                                        Make a Reservation