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Alternative Jerusalem Tours

So you are thinking about a Jerusalem tour? Our wonderful city has much to offer. All the historical and religious sites are waiting for you, carefully tended over the centuries for pilgrims, tourists, and adventurers.

But what of the 'other' Jerusalem. The contemporary city where Israelis and Palestinians live a tenuous existence, often hidden by 'mainstream' tour guides who whisk you from site to site without much discussion of the realities of modern Jerusalem.

Think about spending a half-day or full day on one of our tours. Learn about the complex layers of today's municipal Jerusalem. Develop an understanding of the realities of life in the Holy City.

Our GREATER JERUSALEM TOUR passes through the Palestinian and Jewish communities of East Jerusalem, an area claimed by Palestinians for their state, and  currently administered by the Jerusalem municipality. See the 25-foot high walls separating Arabs and Jews inside the city, and the checkpoints, segregated roads, and settlements that divide the population.

Our OLD CITY TOUR covers the major historical and religious sites but also includes the realities on the ground, highlighting the activities of the Israeli settler organizations who obtain properties in the Muslim quarter. See the home of Israel's former Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, deep in the Arab heart of the Old City. Learn about the serious obstacles to peace that are developing in the center of Jerusalem. Learn more . . .