• • • • • • ALL TOURS ARE SUSPENDED UNTIL APRIL 15TH • • • • • •

Health advice

Corona virus - specific recommendations (updated 10 March)

As per the Israeli Ministry of Health guidelines;

Since March 9th, anyone arriving from abroad to Israel must prove they are able to enter home quarantine for 14 days, which means tourists won't be able to travel here. If you are already here and need support, call the Ministry of Health Hotline at *5400. There is a form which you should fill out for advice and help monitoring your health.

Everyone else should remain vigilant and be hygienic, but travel is still permitted within Israel and we still have many tours on offer.

Remember, the disease is benign in most cases, but the illness is more severe among older adults and people with an impaired immune system or chronic diseases. The symptoms are the same as the flu and the average mortality rate is less than 2%.

The situation is likely to change and this page may not be the most up to date source. Please do not disregard advice from a doctor if it contradicts something written here! For more information, see the Ministry of Health Corona virus page.