Jerusalem Tours

These tours illuminate the relationships between the ancient and the modern layers of the city, the sacred and the profane, and the impact of the conquests and developments in the modern age.  You'll visit religious sites, and also learn about the cultural and political dynamics in the holy city.

Expect to be moved, shocked, and surprised by the discourse of our guides. In addition to their guiding, all of them are involved as volunteers in the complex task of building a just society, a country we hope our children will be proud of, and a land where all men and women will one day hold their heads up as free people. Come and share our world.

Scheduled Day Trips
(also available as private tours)

Popular Tours

Jerusalem Old City & East Jerusalem (includes 3 hours walking + 3 hours driving)
Every Monday & Thursday  - 8 hours
Briefing with maps • Social and Political analysis • Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism explained • All Quarters of Old City • Settlement suburbs • Separation Wall • Ghettos of Jerusalem - and much more.

This tour is an essential first step for anyone with serious intent to even try and understand the complexities of Jerusalem and the 'conflict' in general.

West Jerusalem Neighborhoods and Society (3 hours walking, plus tram ride)
Every Sunday and Wednesday - 8 hours
Briefing, Jerusalem neighborhoods,  Musrara, Mea Sharim,  Machane Yehuda Market, Mount Hertzl, Holocauset Museum (Yad v'Shem).

Learn about the development of Jerusalem as it expanded outside the Old City in the 19th century - from the Ottoman Empire to the founding of the state. Explore the history of the city, and the dynamics  of 21st Century Jewish West Jerusalem.

Jerusalem - Old City (walking)
Every Day except Friday - 3 hours
Briefing, Old City Settlements, Muslim Quarter, Western Wall,  critical analysis.

Greater Jerusalem -  an Overview
Monday and Thursday afternoon - 3 hours
Briefing, settlement suburbs, Palestinian neighborhoods. Walled Ghettos, Segregated roads.

More Jerusalem Tours

Jerusalem - East & West (walking)
Every Wednesday - 3 hours

Arab and Jewish neighborhoods of the east-west dividing road of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem - Religions of Abraham
Private Tours only

Who are the local religious leaders? Visit a Rabbi, a Christian pastor or priest, and a Muslim Imam.

Silwan/City of David (walking)
Every Wednesday  - 3 hours
Visit the archeological excavation. Learn about the settler organizations active in the area. Visit families and community center.

Taybeh Village - near Jerusalem  (walking)
Every Thursday - 8 hours

Explore Christian Palestine, Meet the people, Byzantine Church, brewery

Jerusalem - Black Panthers (walking)
Private Tours Only
Walk the streets of the Musrara neighborhood and learn about the Black Panther movement. Jews of Middle Eastern origin fought for their rights, and empathized with their Palestinian cousins.

Private Tours
for individuals or groups

Take one tour or a combination of tours, customized to your needs

Green Olive Tours selected the YMCA as a convenient central departure point for most of our tours. However our affiliation with the organisation goes much deeper and reflects our endorsement of YMCA's philosophy of inclusiveness in this divided city.
Every morning, while waiting for their tour to depart, our clients witness the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim children entering their kindergarten at the YMCA, one of the few mixed pre-schools in the country. Such sights send a message of hope for the future.
In the following video YMCA CEO Forsan Hussein talks in depth about the foundational philosophy of the Jerusalem YMCA, and his personal journey.

  • Banksy Tour to Bethlehem
    This tour will showcase surviving Bansky originals rendered on the Separation Wall that Israel built to restrict Palestinians from free movement around the West Bank and into Israel.
  • Gaza Border Tour
    See Gaza from up close, learn about the blockade & visit Erez crossing.
  • Galilee & Nazareth Tour
    Visit The Yardenit Baptism site & Roman Ruins, Explore life in the 40's by visiting a destroyed Palestinian village and meet Bedouin Communities.
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