Scheduled Day Trips

Six different tours in Jerusalem - Our day-trips cover the entire West Bank and Israel - Book Now!

Jerusalem - Old City (walking)
Every Day except Friday - 3 hours
Briefing, Old City Settlements, Muslim Quarter, Western Wall,  critical analysis.

Jerusalem -  an Overview
Monday and Thursday afternoon - 3 hours
Briefing, settlement suburbs, Palestinian neighborhoods.

Jerusalem - East & West (walking)
Every Wednesday - 3 hours

Arab and jewish Neighbourhoods of the east-west dividing road of Jerusalem

Jerusalem - A comprehensive overview
Every Monday and Thursday - 7 hours
Briefing with maps
 Old City - all 4 quarters
Settlements and Palestinian neighbourhoods

Silwan/City of David (walking)
Every Wednesday  - 3 hours
Visit the archeological excavation. Learn about the settler organizations active in the area. Visit families and community center.

Taybeh Village - near Jerusalem  (walking)
Every Thursday - 8 hours

Explore Christian Palestine, Meet the people, Byzantine Church, brewery

West Bank
Every Tuesday & Friday 
- 7 hours

Visit holy sites, a refugee camp, and a Palestinian organization.

Every Tuesday & Saturday - 8 hours

Ibrahimi Mosque, Old City, Glass workshop, kafiya factory, Lunch with Palestinian family

Hebron and Ramallah  
Every Thursday - 8 hours
Visit two of the most important cities in the West Bank. Historical sites and political insights.

Bethlehem and Hebron
Every Monday & Thursday - 8 hours

Ibrahimi Mosque, glass factory Nativity Church, refugee camp.

Central West Bank 
Every Friday - 5 hours

Visit the settlement of Ariel, Central Highlands, Nablus checkpoint, WALL at Kalkiliya.

Bethlehem and Ramallah
Every Wednesday & Saturday
- 8 hours

Meet Palestinians, and travel on 'Palestinian Only' roads.

Nablus  Every Wednesday - 8 hours
Briefing, Refugee camp, olive soap factory, Jacob's Well.

Jericho, Qumran & Dead Sea
Every Sunday - 8 hours
visit ancient Jericho, refugee camp, Bethany, Lazarus Tomb.

Nablus, Sebastia, and Jenin 
Every Saturday - 9 hours
Refugee camp, Turkish bath, Nablus Old City, Sebastia Roman ruins, Freedom Theater.

Jenin & Sebastia 
private tours only
Northern West Bank, Refugee camp, Roman ruins, Freedom Theater.

Meet the Settlers  
Every Friday - 5 hours
Visit a small Jewish settlement south of Jerusalem. A learning experience.

Wallaje Village (walking)  
Private tours only
Ruined village, bathe in spring pools, ancient tunnels, mosque,

Ramallah Business Trip
Private Tours Only
Meet Palestinian businessmen, tour Ramallah & Central West Bank.

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Masada & Dead Sea
Every Friday - 8 hours
Ancient Roman Stronghold, dip in the sea, West Bank overview.

Jaffa & Tel Aviv (walking)
Every Sunday - 3 hours
Old City, market, American Colony, Neve Tzedek, issues . .

Nazareth Old City
Every Friday
Join award-winning journalist Jonathan Cook for a morning of exploration

Negev Bedouin every Saturday - 9 hours
Visit a village. Explore the realities of Bedouin life today. Animal market.

  • Nablus Day Tour
    Visit the Samaritans and their holy temple on Mount Grizim. Hold a discussion with the Director of a youth organization in Balata Refugee camp. Explore the sights and sounds of the Old City of Nablus
  • Masada, Dead Sea & Southern West Bank
    An overview of the southern West Bank, the ancient Roman complex at Masada, a drive along the entire length of the Dead Sea, and an opportunity to dip in the healing sea waters.
  • Taybeh Village
    Come and explore Christian Palestine through the beautiful village of Taybeh located between Jerusalem, Ramallah and Jericho.
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