Hebron Tour

Tour Highlights

• Bethlehem Separation Barrier
• Hebron
• Abraham's Tomb and Mosque
• the Old City
• Glass Blowing Workshop
• Kafiya Factory
• Lunch with a Palestinian Family
Tour Details

Every Tuesday & Saturday
Length of Tour: 8 Hours
Tel Aviv Departure: 6.30 am - Hyarkon48 Hostel (map)
Jerusalem Departure 8.30 am - YMCA, King David Street (map)
Return 4.30pm to Jerusalem - 6pm to Tel Aviv
Cost: From Jerusalem 295 NIS/Shekels
From Tel Aviv 395 NIS/Shekels
lunch not included • 35-shekel Lunch payment direct to family • Passport needed
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Detailed Description

You'll leave Jerusalem and drive south past the Separation Barrier at Bethlehem, passing numerous settlements of the Gush Etzion Block. The area has many Palestinian farms and holds the bulk of the water resources in the southern West Bank. You'll enter Hebron through one of the few roads still open. Israel has blocked most of the access roads leading into the city.

You'll spend a full day in Hebron seeing the sites and gaining an understanding of Palestinian culture and conditions under the ongoing Israeli occupation.You'll visit Abraham's Tomb and Mosque, the Old City, a glass blowing workshop, and a kafiya factory.

You'll meet a Palestinian family that has been under siege by the Israeli settlers and have lunch in their home.

The sights and sounds of the city are exotic, with the call to prayer from the mosques, the aromas of cafes and restaurants, and the character of the people. You'll encounter checkpoints and Israeli soldiers, see settlers and Palestinian residents, all mingling in an uneasy mosaic.

You'll find the Palestinian residents of Hebron warm and hospitable despite the situation whereby Israeli settlers have taken over parts of the Old City, blocking access for the Arab residents.

As a result economic activity is at a low ebb in the Old City so you may find the vendors eager for you to do some shopping. Given the need,  if you are looking for souvenirs, we do recommend that you shop in the Old City. We do not, of course, take any 'commission' from shopkeepers.

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