2016 Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Tours

Tour Highlights

• Church of Nativity
• Shepherd's Field
• Old City
• Banksy Graffiti
• Separation Wall
• Street Festivities
Tour Details

Saturday 24th December  •  Sunday 25th December
From Tel Aviv
24th December
25th December 
Hyarkon48 Hostel (map)
Depart 10.30am • Return 11.30pm (13 hours)
Depart 6.30am • Return 5.30pm (11 hours)
From Jerusalem
24th December
25th December   
YMCA, King David Street (map)
Depart 12 noon • Return 10.00 pm (10 hours)
Depart 8.30am • Return 4.30pm (8 hours)
Cost: From Jerusalem 365 NIS/Shekels
From Tel Aviv 465 NIS/Shekels
Traditional Lunch is included in the fee • Passport needed • 
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Detailed Description
Bethlehem at Christmas is an iconic activity in Palestine. While the trip begins in Israel, Bethlehem itself is within the Palestinian Authority and the festivities are organised by the local Christian population.

Nativity Square is the hub of activity with music, dancing and even bagpipe bands marching through the streets, a legacy of the British Mandate.

You'll have an opportunity to visit Shepherd's Field and the Old City of Bethlehem in addition to viewing Israel's Separation Wall and visiting Aida Refugee camp. You are encouraged to bring gifts for the children there. Aida camp was established in 1950 on an area of 66 dunums between the towns of Bethlehem and Beit Jala.

From the Camp you will see sections of the Separation Barrier and some of Banksy's famous graffiti. The Barrier surrounds Bethlehem on three sides and has resulted in travel restrictions for Palestinians and confiscated land.

Those of you on The Christmas Day tour will be with the guide for the entire time. If you opt for the Christmas Eve tour then you will have plenty of free time to explore on your own. You'll be with the guide until the evening and then you will be on your own for dinner and activities. You will have free time until you return in the late evening.  If you are traveling on your own, we suggest that you team up with one or two others in the group for the evening. The guide will tell you where to meet.

Bethlehem is a Palestinian city in the central West Bank, approximately 10 kilometers (6 mi) south of Jerusalem, with a population of 30,000 people. It is the capital of the Bethlehem Governorate of the Palestinian National Authority and a hub of Palestinian culture and tourism

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