Tamer's Guest House Reservations

Prices include breakfast
Single Room: Shekels NIS 150
Double Room: Shekels NIS 280
Per meal (lunch or dinner): Shekels NIS 30

Private car from Jerusalem: Shekels NIS 120
Private car from Tel Aviv: Shekels NIS 350
Private car from Airport: Shekels NIS 300
public buses are available from East Jerusalem. Details will be in the confirmation email

Private Tours with Tamer:
Shekels NIS 500  per day plus transportation cost
Shekels NIS 300  per half-day plus transportation cost

  • Nablus Day Tour
    Visit the Samaritans and their holy temple on Mount Grizim. Hold a discussion with the Director of a youth organization in Balata Refugee camp. Explore the sights and sounds of the Old City of Nablus
  • Masada, Dead Sea & Southern West Bank
    An overview of the southern West Bank, the ancient Roman complex at Masada, a drive along the entire length of the Dead Sea, and an opportunity to dip in the healing sea waters.
  • Taybeh Village
    Come and explore Christian Palestine through the beautiful village of Taybeh located between Jerusalem, Ramallah and Jericho.
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