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Fred Schlomka
has had a career in the business world and non-profit organizations on both sides of the Atlantic. He established Green Olive Tours in 2007 and became CEO of the Green Olive Collective in 2013.

Fred’s family originated in Palestine and he was born and raised in Scotland. He began returning to Israel in late 1970s, and has spent about half his time there since then. His passion for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine led him to move there permanently with his family in 2000. From 2001-2003 he was Operations Manager at The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, and Executive Director of Mosaic Communities  He is a member of the 2003 Class of Echoing Green Fellows. The New York based Echoing Green Foundation enabled the establishment of Mosaic Communities where Fred served as Executive Director until 2005. Fred is an avid karate student and teacher, and a board member of the Traditional Karate Federation of Israel.

Fred also spent over 20 years in the USA during which he developed several businesses including American Caribbean Builders which worked with FEMA in Florida after Hurricane Andrew, American Repairs & Maintenance which serviced hundreds of fast food stores on the eastern seaboard, Amazing Husband Handyman Services which has since been franchised, and a record company, Maxemilian Productions. His US non-profit experience includes the establishment of a food cooperative, a chamber ensemble, and a Co-Housing organization.

Fred’s articles on the Israeli economy, politics, real estate & land issues, have been widely published, and he frequently travels abroad for speaking tours and lectures. He has taught a course in business development at the American International School in Israel, is an organic gardener, an avid juggler and a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate (ni-dan ITKF). Fred has two children and lives near Tel Aviv with his wife.

View Fred Schlomka's profile on LinkedIn

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