Olive Harvest Volunteers Needed

Message from Rabbis for Human Rights

Volunteers needed every weekday until mid-November
We need to be in several locations, so we need a lot of volunteers.

Sometimes the High Holidays arrive “early” and sometimes they arrive “late”, but sooner or later, they arrive. So too with the olive harvest – it starts earlier or later, sometimes it ends early and sometimes the harvest continues until January, but what remains constant is that it is our privilege and our responsibility to make sure that Palestinian farmers can implement their right to safely work their land.

Despite our 2006, High Court victory,  recognizing the significant improvement in the functioning of the Israeli security forces, and despite efforts by the security forces are trying to prevent us from accompanying farmers to their lands, your presence is crucial to maintain what we have accomplished. A day in the olive groves is also an amazing experience and a great opportunity for direct contact with Palestinians.

As usual, on Fridays we commit to returning an hour and a half before the beginning of Shabbat.

All who are interested are invited to call:
Office: 02-6482757
Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann-  050- 2110639
Tal Katz –  054-6286806

Starting the first week of October you can sign up in advance for the upcoming harvests. We should be going out every weekday from now at least until mid-November.  You can sign up for day/s next week or next month.  We will contact you the day before to confirm and let you know the time and place of departure, etc..
See you in the olive groves!

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